Reverse Workshop Services

We develop and operate customized and centrally organized reverse logistics solutions for you that extend across regions and state borders and that are recorded transparently in our tried and trusted CCR NET.

We see ourselves as network architects and managers and specialize in setting up efficient interregional networks of logistics, disposal and trade partners adapted and tailored to your individual requirements within the shortest time.

Thanks to our order management and reporting system CCR NET, we can manage our network with a fast response time and also easily map more complex requirements such as different collection cycles, varying materials or changing volumes. Our solutions can be adapted flexibly to your needs, market demands, seasonal factors and even weather conditions. We will be happy to integrate your preferred partners in our network.

We have amassed a great deal of experience in dealing with the special requirements of repair shops. Since 1991, we have organized a central repair shop waste disposal system on behalf of automobile manufacturers, automobile importers and repair shop associations in Germany as well as in Switzerland and other European countries through our national subsidiaries. Through our network of experienced service partners we dispose of and recycle all recyclable, waste and hazardous material fractions in a cost-efficient and environmentally compatible way. Our stringent audit and qualifying procedures ensure continuous quality throughout the process, identifiable by our ‘CCR Certified System Partner’ label.

Our services – Your benefits:

  • Collection and recycling of all fractions – from commercial waste, through recoverable fractions such as paper, cardboard and paper packaging, plastics and scrap metal, to hazardous and critical waste such as lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries, waste oil and brake fluid
  • Provision of special containers for simple and safe separation and the highest possible value retention of the materials
  • Transparent processing using the tried and trusted CCR NET system: The use of handheld terminals during pickup ensures maximum transparency and traceability in real time.
  • Reduction of your administrative expenses and relieving the pressures on the affiliated repair shops
  • Fulfillment of the extended product responsibility for packaging materials in accordance with local regultaions, optimization of the licensing costs where possible


What’s more, we offer the following services:

  • Take-back of starter batteries:
    We take back starter batteries on behalf of battery manufacturers and deliver them for environmentally compatible recycling or reuse.
  • Warranty parts management:
    We handle the collection, storage and, where appropriate, controlled destruction of parts that have been dismantled as part of warranty repairs for you. This improves transparency in the warranty process, while defective parts are safely removed from the market and unjustified warranty claims are dramatically reduced.
  • Obsolete parts management:
    We handle the documented and tamper-proof destruction of spare parts from old stock for you. This quality-assured and transparent process rules out any uncontrolled reuse of these parts.
  • Replacement parts clearing:
    We also support the clearing of replacement parts orders and the processing of related cash flows.


Your contact:

Norbert Schärer
phone: +49 89 49049 430

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Take advantage of our PLUS!

Combining different CCR services opens up potential for additional value creation with one-stop customer support:

  • Global Environmental Compliance Management:
    Optimize your compliance costs by using our Compliance Center’s consultancy services. Learn more >
  • Take-back of lithium-ion batteries,
    including units badly damaged by accidents, for example, with special transportation containers in accordance with the local regulations on the transportation of hazardous goods. Learn more >
  • Recycled waste trade:
    Benefit from our best terms and conditions for the central marketing of accumulated recyclable materials. Learn more >