Global Environmental Compliance Management

Global Environmental Compliance Management


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The Environmental Compliance Management solution supports producers to actively drive environmental compliance, to thoroughly understand affected volumes and to effectively control compliance cost.

ECM clients gain maximum transparency on all efforts and cost regarding Environmental Compliance and find opportunities for their optimization. As a result, Environmental Compliance Management becomes an integral part for strategic brand building and protection.


Environmental Compliance ManagementOur unique approach starts even before your products hit their markets - by continuously reviewing and formating your product data. By matching it with requirements of all relevant jurisdictions, we assure that correct covered quantities are being precisely determined. This would not be possible without

  • a suite of IT systems for product data management and reporting,
    developed over many years in close cooperation with our customers.
  • an experienced team that knows the challenges of your market, trustfully handles your product data and continuously strives for optimization.

ECM covers all compliance regulations for packaging material, batteries, e-waste and copyright levies in all EU and EFTA countries. Other countries can be added on demand.


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Market and regulatory assessment

Out of 3 EU directives, the 28 member countries created in total 84 different laws regulating the take-back of packaging, battery disposal, recycling of end-of-life electrical appliances as well as copyright regulations; similar regulations of EFTA and other states yet to add. For their fulfillment, producers find a large number of different compliance schemes for each product type in each market.


Take Back Obligations,  Extended Producer Responsibility, WEEE, Copyright, Rohs, Reach, Packaging, Environmental Compliance , Legal Monitoring

Producers and importers face a complex regulatory environment and a huge choice of compliance schemes when it comes to fulfilling their extended producer’s responsibility in all markets.

In an ongoing process we will:

  • Determine which product attributes have to be reported in all covered jurisdictions.
  • Assess which compliance scheme are the best match to your products
  • Suggest options for optimizing your return processes.


Product data management

Environmental reporting demands very specific product information that varies from country to country. Inconsistencies commonly result in higher compliance cost or, in worst case, in a ban on selling. However, with the background of rapidly changing products in complex production and retail structures, a consistent set of product data is difficult to achieve.

Our team helps creating and maintaining your environmental product database. Product information is being audited and completed in order to be compatible with the requirements of international regulations, authorities and return schemes. The information is being accurately archived in order to allow a review of historic compliance information in case that becomes necessary.

By mapping your product data to put-on-market information, covered quantities can be precisely calculated. This includes cross-border shipments as well as the handling of own-use and return volumes.


Compliance fulfilment

If you are serving different international markets, compliance management can become a tedious challenge - ranging from selection and management of many different service providers to reporting activities in different languages, formats and at different dates.

As a much more convenient approach, we suggest to hand over some or even all of these activities to our experienced team. No matter if you decide to hand over the complete management of your compliance network, or if you are just looking for support during registration and reporting: Our ECM online portal ensures that you remain in control of your processes, by e.g. providing easy access to accurate and prompt documentation that you may forward directly to authorities. Or, alternatively, by monitoring our full scope of compliance activities ranging from compliance scheme contracting to invoice verification. You are invited to discuss and implement with us the compliance management service level that matches your requirements best.

We are continuously monitoring the regulatory situation and keep you up to date on new, relevant regulations or changes. In cooperation with you, we investigate impacts and responses. This way, you can benefit from legal certainty and be optimally prepared for upcoming changes.


Cost and volume transparency

Correct product attributes, precise volumes and a comprehensive overview on costs provide a solid basis for a transparent overview of your individual environmental cost overview.

Environmental Compliance Cost per Article

The ECM portal provides interactive reporting on:

  • Your portfolio of notifiable products.
  • Your set up of all compliance schemes throughout all your markets.
  • Your compliance cost per article per country.
  • Your total compliance cost per market.

This information is a valuable competitive advantage as it supports strategic decisions on product design, product price and product return.


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