Solutions, Return to Value
CCR’s portfolio of solutions is aimed specifically and precisely at the complex requirements and duties arising from your extended product responsibility: We support you with customized solutions and generate added value through integrated material cycle models.


Global Environmental Compliance Management

The growing number of extended producer responsibility regulations and resulting compliance activities makes it worth keeping an extra eye on submitted product and sales data.
RLG specialists continuously review regional legislation and product attributes, in order to safeguard compliance in an efficient way.
Our data management platform visualizes compliance cost for each individual product and country.
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Collection Schemes for Obligated Products

Take-back obligations for batteries, electronics or packaging have become a core component of extended producers responsibilities in many countries.
RLG compliance schemes are designed to meet relevant country-specific requirements in the most efficient way.
Our collection boxes and processes can be found in many countries worldwide.
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Reverse Workshop Services

While collection services are a very local business by nature, large organizations require a consistent service quality.
RLG’s independent sourcing capabilities and intelligent network and process management facilitate the collection and recycling of all types of spare, waste or hazardous materials in a compliant and highly efficient way.
We manage thousands of pick-up orders on a daily basis at internationally consistent service level.
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Battery collection solutions for automotive and industry batteries

The rise of high-tech battery usage requires mature solutions for their handling after use.
RLG provides tailored turn-key services for packaging and collection of batteries of each condition and size, including lithium-ion batteries.
We are actively and daily providing services ranging from emergency pick-ups to continuous collections and downstream management throughout Europe.
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REBAT, battery return system, recycling


Our battery return system for the safe and effective organization of returning batteries in accordance with the applicable local legislation.

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RELECTRA, WEEE, electrical appliances return system, recycling


Our take-back system for end-of-life electrical appliances in accordance with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE).

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