Asset Recovery Solutions (ARS)

Get the most out of your legacy IT Electronics.

The Asset Recovery Solution provides a value return opportunity for all retired electronic equipment. We enable our Clients to reuse, redeploy, resell or recycle their, or their customers used IT Electronics.

At the same time, our solution offers a simple and straightforward process to dispose of retired legacy IT Electronics while providing secure data removal and protecting the environment.

With our network of globally established collection, logistics and processing facilities, RLG can provide you with a holistic end-to-end solution. Through our IT platform, we deliver transparent Chain of Custody and detailed reporting of the final disposition of each asset.

Maximize Value Recovery Environmental Stewardship Legal Compliance Supports Sustainability Goals

Our local ARS advisor is here to assist you in designing your customized solution.

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RLG offers 5 different Service Options

IT Asset Recycling

If you have IT equipment which you deem redundant, even if it is more than 5 years old and is deemed to have no residual value, RLG offers a competitively priced solution guaranteeing secure and environmentally appropriate recycling of your assets. RLG provides end-to-end management of your end of life products, from logistics through to processing and data wiping and on to final disposal and recovery of material fractions in audited recycling facilities.


Offsite Data Wiping and IT Asset Resale

For customers that expect or want to leverage the value of their IT assets while making sure the data is securely wiped, RLG offers a tightly governed and audited process. In order to match your security requirements we organize secure logistics, perform data wiping (3-pass) in our facilities, determine the value of your assets and resell them to third parties.


Onsite Data Wiping and IT Asset Resale

For customers requiring an extra level of Security, RLG will perform data wiping (3-pass) in your offices before removal, then we organize logistics, determine the value of your assets and resell them to third parties.


Parts Harvesting

All of our solutions enable the Circular Economy and parts harvesting allows us to maximize material yield of all assets when we cannot resell as full units.
After removing data from data bearing assets we can recover value through separating the product into parts and resell them to third parties.


Onsite Shredding

If your requirement is to destroy and shred all loose hard drives on your site we offer you a customized shredding solution. A specialized truck arrives to your office and the service is performed in front of your eyes.  Our onsite shredding solution guarantees full data destruction and full disposal of residuals in an environmentally compliant manner.
All of our solutions provide secure data removal1. Through our secure web portal we guarantee full tracking of your assets and all required reporting.



Key Components of Asset Recovery Solutions

REVERSE LOGISTICS – As a 4PL we manage the secure transportation of assets from your nominated collection hub to our processing facilities.

SCREENING & TESTING – All assets will be assessed for functionality, cosmetic condition and completeness of system to determine resale/recycle/parts harvesting.

DATA WIPING – We will perform a 3-pass data wipe on all data bearing devices.

REPAIR/REFURBISHMENT – Once assets have been assessed and deemed suitable for resale/refurbishment we will provide the necessary repairs to enable maximum value recovery.

PARTS MANAGEMENT – Should an asset have a better potential resale value in parts as opposed to whole unit we will break down the system and provide value for parts harvested.

RESALE/RECYCLE – Assets deemed suitable for resale will be remarketed through our downstream channels with any revenue’s generated being paid whether or not the asset has been sold. Assets deemed unsuitable for resale will be recycled downstream in line with local legislation.

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – We can, on our Settlement Report, report an additional level in detail in providing the weights/parts of the assets that have been parts harvested.

REPORTING – We log and record all assets at each stage of the process providing a detailed Chain of Custody for same. Once all assets have been processed we will provide a detailed Settlement Report along with Confirmation of Disposal report.

CUSTOMER CARE – We will provide a dedicated Customer Care Team who will be on hand to support any requests/requirements in the delivery of this service globally.


1 No data removal process leaves a hard drive or computer as free from residual data as a new product. RLG makes no recommendations regarding the customer’s security needs or representations regarding the effectiveness of one method of data removal over another. It is the customer’s responsibility to protect any confidential or sensitive information contained on its hard drives recovered by RLG. This includes both commercial and consumer products.